Building a direct relationship with your fans is essential in the modern global football market.  Today’s fans are ‘mobile first’ so native official apps are critical to build engagement with your fans.  So, what exactly is mobile?

What is mobile today?

Today’s mobile ecosystem isn’t limited to smartphones, but also includes laptops, tablets, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT) and even feature phones in emerging markets.  However, that isn’t the entire fan experience!

What else comprises the fan experience?

Desktop still dominates use by consumers in the workforce especially when it comes to ecommerce and consoles (like XBOX) have a very intimate relationship with sport fans.

the app market today

Today’s football app market is dominated by regional and local studios who offer one off solutions that are based on only the Apple and Android markets with features that are commonly found in all the other news based apps in the market.  This narrow strategy is often cost prohibitive, cannot scale and doesn’t address the largest digital market in football.

something is missing!

apps fc is focusing primarily on the lack of microsoft solutions in the global football market.  While microsoft solutions are our focus, we will still deliver Apple and Android as well as address other viable connected devices in the market.  Most importantly, our solution is based on native applications built on a platform that allows us to scale and address key market opportunities for monetization.  This allows us to provide revenue share models for our clients versus large upfront fees.

why Microsoft?

The Microsoft ecosystem is the most robust unified digital ecosystem globally covering just about every device in the market which is converging! With the #1 OS with over one billion installs of windows world wide, the world’s #1 productivity solution in Office and best in class cloud solutions the real question is: Why not Microsoft?